Surviving the first trimester

Getting out of the first trimester is something like graduating from high school. It seems to take FOREVER, your skin breaks out, you’re anxious but excited, and much like when you get that college acceptance letter, you might not be ready to shout it through the rooftops, but it’s all you can think about! Fortunately… Continue reading Surviving the first trimester

Motherhood: Rated R

John Paul jokes that I thought having a baby meant carting an American Girl Doll around town like a Toy Pomeranian.  This “doll” would be sleeping through the night by the ripe age of 6 weeks old, rarely make a peep and most certainly would manage its bodily fluids in a polite fashion.  Now, I… Continue reading Motherhood: Rated R

Blame it on the baby

These poor babies- we wait on them for the better part of 10 months to enter the world and then we blame them for all of our shortcomings. Or maybe that’s just me. My writing has gotten rustier than a nail in a junkyard and try as I might, I can’t blame it on the… Continue reading Blame it on the baby