Liebster Award-Get To Know Me

When I started my blog last summer, I did a little bit of research before I decided to use WordPress as my host.  I’ve been very pleased with my decision! Aside from the fact that it’s incredibly user-friendly, I love how there is a huge community feel to the whole platform.  I have discovered countless blogs… Continue reading Liebster Award-Get To Know Me

Weekend Snaps

Hey there!  How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was a good mix of planned activity and relaxation.  Friday night John Paul and I were offered tickets to the Bobcats game and enjoyed courtside seats with another couple.  I almost wrote “front row seats.” You should all know that I am not a big sports fan, like, at all,… Continue reading Weekend Snaps

Summer, I’ll miss you!

Whether you spend the weekend moving or are off to explore new lands, I hope you take some time to relax and enjoy these last precious moments of summer. The sun sits lower and shines less brightly, but is all the more magical. Take a minute to breathe it all in and sip this summer’s… Continue reading Summer, I’ll miss you!