Competition Dining: Fire in the City!

Shortly after creating The Lady Olive, I joined Twitter and followed a bunch of food and fashion bloggers, chefs, celebrities, musicians, and the few friends I have that actually tweet. I think it was Twitter that suggested I follow @CompetitionDiningNC, so, I did, despite not knowing who or what it was. I would occasionally see these… Continue reading Competition Dining: Fire in the City!

Cure your Denim Blues with Chip & Pepper

Unless you are a perfectly proportioned model (and even then I think length would be an issue…) it is incredibly difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans! For me, if the waist fits, the legs don’t fit. You have to make sure your butt looks good, do I need big pockets? Small pockets? Definitely not bedazzled pockets. That’s… Continue reading Cure your Denim Blues with Chip & Pepper

Going Grunge

I don’t know about you guys, but I love any excuse to get dressed up! Maybe it is from years of sparkly dance costumes or the fact that my mother always made sure I was dressed in the finest hand-made butterfly costume out there, I was practically raised in a sea of glitter and makeup. … Continue reading Going Grunge