Fresh Watermelon Martinis

Want to know something weird? I didn’t like watermelon until a couple of years ago. I liked watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers as a child but the real deal? I couldn’t be convinced to take more than one bite. The fact that our tastes change as we age just proves the point that you should always… Continue reading Fresh Watermelon Martinis

Sugar and Spice

Hello my sweet meats! That’s what my AP Psychology teacher called us and I just remembered how strange I always thought that was.  But what might be even stranger is that a sweet meat is not even meat! It’s a candied or crystallized fruit! One of my favorite treats is crystallized or candied ginger. I… Continue reading Sugar and Spice

Skinny White Russian

And I’m not talking about Mikhail Baryshnikov! I like to say that I invented this recipe, but there is no way that’s the case. It all began with a bottle of Kahlua I bought for a boozy chocolate trifle (click for recipe). After I used it for the trifle, this bottle of Kahlua┬ásat there, untouched… Continue reading Skinny White Russian