Beach Weekend Nostalgia

There is something about going to a place you visited in your youth that stirs up all kinds of memories.  Looking for “ghost crabs” on the beach and night with flashlights, flirting with boys at the arcade by the pier, losing at Putt Putt golf, butter pecan ice cream cones, eating hushpuppies with honey butter and falling… Continue reading Beach Weekend Nostalgia

Greece Trip: Athens

I was really sad to leave Santorini but excited for the last two days of our trip in Athens.  I have always loved big cities-Madrid, New York and Chicago are some of my favorites. There is so much to see and do in a big city.  I especially love the people watching-imagining life stories of… Continue reading Greece Trip: Athens

Greece Trip: Santorini

After three incredible days in Aegina, John Paul and I were off to Santorini. We don’t get much time away from work, so we wanted to make the most of this trip! We had an 8 a.m. flight from Athens to Santorini. The Athens airport is not really close to anything, so we decided to… Continue reading Greece Trip: Santorini