Stew It Up: Pot Roast With Root Vegetables

Little darlin’, STEW IT UP! I know those aren’t the words, but as you know I have this tendency to turn anything and everything into a song. Bob Marley told us to stir it up…well, I’m telling you to stew it up. The rain drops keep falling in Charlotte and I am still craving soup… Continue reading Stew It Up: Pot Roast With Root Vegetables

Skinny White Russian

And I’m not talking about Mikhail Baryshnikov! I like to say that I invented this recipe, but there is no way that’s the case. It all began with a bottle of Kahlua I bought for a boozy chocolate trifle (click for recipe). After I used it for the trifle, this bottle of Kahlua┬ásat there, untouched… Continue reading Skinny White Russian