Flat Out

I like to think that everyone has at least one body part they wish they could Photoshop in real life.  Some are cursed with “man hands”, chipmunk cheeks, offensive lineman necks, Dumbo ears, oh really I have heard it all (please note these are descriptions I have heard-not my own words.)

Me? I have some of the world’s ugliest feet. They are true abominations. No Photoshop or airbrushing can save them. I have a friend who once said she could recognize me in a pool of a million people solely by my big toe.

I used to regularly wear 5 inch heels for hours on end. I recall one weekend I wore a pair of sky high Michael Kors pumps that caused my feet to go numb for no less than 24 hours. Friends, it’s just not worth it. Plus it feels really weird to have numb feet and that can’t be healthy.

Thankfully, flats are having a big moment in fashion.  I am loving it! My feet (and yours) will thank the fashion gods.

Here are a few pairs that I am really loving:

 Tory Burch Espadrille

I am obsessed with these Tory Burch Myra Flat Espadrilles. I kind of love how there is no logo on these.  Also in white.

Via Spiga Python Sneaker

I have coveted these Via Spiga Python Slip Ons for months.

You can take the girl out of heels, but…If you’re like me, I never feel complete without a little sparkle. I tried these Vince Camuto flats on at Belk and they are blingy for sure, but with an otherwise neutral outfit, I think they would make a fun statement. Flats don’t have to equal boring.

Also, as I am I always looking for a bargain, I found a pair of H&M espadrilles that mimic a thrice as expensive pair from J.Crew!


On the left: J.Crew printed espadrilles for $60 OR similarly styled H&M espadrilles for $18? Talk about a deal!

On the other hand, did you know that birks are back? That’s right, Birkenstocks. That and the full leg gladiator sandals are two trends that are simply not for me!

Even Clinton Kelly thinks so! I do love that snarky man.



My answer to the Birkenstock trend? See below.


 J.Crew Malta Mirror Metallic Sandal $80

Flat, leather, wide straps. Same idea…just jazzier.

Have you found any amazing flats yet for summer? Are there any shoe trends that you just cannot get behind?

Have a great weekend!


The Lady Olive


3 thoughts on “Flat Out

  1. I ordered the JCrew espadrilles the day they came out and sadly they were WAY too narrow. I was so in love! I will have to try the H&M ones.

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