Fresh Watermelon Martinis

Want to know something weird? I didn’t like watermelon until a couple of years ago. I liked watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers as a child but the real deal? I couldn’t be convinced to take more than one bite.

The fact that our tastes change as we age just proves the point that you should always try new foods even if you “think” you won’t like them or didn’t like them 5 years ago!

The recipe for this cocktail was given to me by a friend (who knows my adoration for a tasty concoction!)

The original recipe calls for Rose’s Lime juice which I swapped for freshly squeezed lime juice to cut down on the sugar a tiny bit.

The Lady Olive, Watermelon martini




(1 small to medium sized seedless watermelon makes about 2 pitchers)

For 1 pitcher use 4 cups watermelon – puréed in blender or food processor

6 oz of Absolut Cherry Kran

2 oz of Triple Sec

2 oz of Creme de Cassis liqueur

Juice of 1-2 limes

Mix all the ingredients until well-blended!

Serve over ice or shake in a martini shaker with ice and serve it up!


Martini at 3:00…when at the beach, do as the beach bums do!

This fruitiness of this cocktail is cut by the acidity of the limes. It’s so tasty, I bet you can’t have just one.

Try this recipe out for your next summer get together!

ENJOY the last weekend of JULY!



The Lady Olive

4 thoughts on “Fresh Watermelon Martinis

  1. If I could only take one food to a deserted island – it would be watermelon. I. Love. It. Maybe even more than chocolate! I never understood why they couldn’t make the watermelon Jolly Rancher taste like actual watermelon. So wonderful and fresh, you just can replicate it. Can’t wait to give this a try!

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