Greece Trip: Athens

I was really sad to leave Santorini but excited for the last two days of our trip in Athens.  I have always loved big cities-Madrid, New York and Chicago are some of my favorites. There is so much to see and do in a big city.  I especially love the people watching-imagining life stories of… Continue reading Greece Trip: Athens

Greece Trip: Santorini

After three incredible days in Aegina, John Paul and I were off to Santorini. We don’t get much time away from work, so we wanted to make the most of this trip! We had an 8 a.m. flight from Athens to Santorini. The Athens airport is not really close to anything, so we decided to… Continue reading Greece Trip: Santorini

Greece Trip: Aegina

Hi everyone! As some of you know, I was in Greece for nine nights and returned two Sundays ago. After a week of jet lag and battling a summer cold, I am finally feeling like my old self! John Paul and I were both in his brother’s wedding in the beautiful island of Aegina, just… Continue reading Greece Trip: Aegina