Beach Weekend Nostalgia

There is something about going to a place you visited in your youth that stirs up all kinds of memories.  Looking for “ghost crabs” on the beach and night with flashlights, flirting with boys at the arcade by the pier, losing at Putt Putt golf, butter pecan ice cream cones, eating hushpuppies with honey butter and falling asleep reading Flowers in the Attic with my legs in the water and my face in the sun-just to name a few!

Last week I spent three nights with my family at Ocean Isle Beach and it was such a comforting feeling that took me back to just about every stage of my life.  My family and I have been visiting Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach since I was a baby.  It had been several years since I had been back and it was such an amazing trip.  We did nothing but spend time together, play silly games, take long walks and eat wonderful food!  The North Carolina coast never disappoints. I always swore I could live at the beach and still believe that to this day. It’s a simpler way of life!


One of my favorite quotes, because it’s true!

Here are some pictures from the trip!


View from one of my walks at low tide.  Long walks are my workout of choice while at the beach! I am actually standing out on a sandbar!


Sand bar at low tide again.  Looks so prehistoric!

Keep Calm and Eat Crab, The Lady Olive

Now if that’s not a motto to live by….

IMG_5626I ate every last bite of this delicious crab!

softshell crabNo trip to the beach is complete without a little fried food! Softshell crab is always my weapon of choice. And onion rings! The best.


Beautiful OIB sunset!

IMG_5601I made an amazing cocktail with this fresh watermelon which I will share with you tomorrow!


I hope to visit Ocean Isle Beach again as a 50 year old and feel every bit as young as this past trip made me feel!


Is there a place you went as a child that you have since revisited as an adult that makes you feel like a kid again?


The Lady Olive

2 thoughts on “Beach Weekend Nostalgia

  1. Feel exactly the same way about Holden Beach. Lots and lots of memories from family vacations. Can’t wait to get there this fall.

  2. Love those memories; the harmonic buzz of cycads as you walk to the beach, hopping from shaded spot to spot on the trail, making drip sand castles, collecting seaweed, and riding the swell of the ocean. 🙂

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