Beach Weekend Nostalgia

There is something about going to a place you visited in your youth that stirs up all kinds of memories.  Looking for “ghost crabs” on the beach and night with flashlights, flirting with boys at the arcade by the pier, losing at Putt Putt golf, butter pecan ice cream cones, eating hushpuppies with honey butter and falling… Continue reading Beach Weekend Nostalgia

Dressed in Yellow

Hello friends!  What’s going on these days? I was at a wedding this past weekend and in my black cocktail dress, I stared in awe at all the gorgeous yellow dresses I saw at the reception!  Although yellow is such a cheerful and statement making color to wear, many people claim that it doesn’t flatter… Continue reading Dressed in Yellow

Recent Product Hoarding

If there is one thing in life I love, well, it’s got to be my beauty products.  As you’ve probably guessed, I fall into the “more is more” category when it comes to grooming and as a result, have a massive stockpile of products, many of which need to be chucked.  Several weeks ago, in… Continue reading Recent Product Hoarding