Trendy Tuesday

The only thing that gets me as giddy as the promise of a delicious meal is shopping. I love to shop and I blame my mother entirely. It helps with the denial. Plaid was huge on the runway this fall.  It was never out of style in my mind, but I am super thrilled that… Continue reading Trendy Tuesday

Never Have I Ever…

Hold it. We’ve all played that game and it usually doesn’t end well.  But this time the question is less about sophomoric mistakes and more about bacon.  Never have I ever driven two and a half hours just for a sandwich? I’d have to drink to that.

Swan Dive

Let’s make this as elegant as possible, shall we? I’ve decided to swan dive into the deep and exciting world of blogging.  The idea has been in my head for, well, too long to publicly admit, but here I am taking the plunge.  I hope you will follow me and my random, albeit delicious, life.… Continue reading Swan Dive