Keyed Up

Although my family’s restaurant is distinctly Italian, I, on the other hand, am Greek, as is a large part of my family. Together, we manage to fulfill numerous stereotypes about Greek-Americans, one manicotti at a time.

For years, I resisted my Greekness, trying to “fit in” with the Smiths and Walkers of the world, never quite succeeding. As I have gotten older, I’ve grown to embrace the differences that make me unique. Although I won’t be hanging a Greek flag from my front porch anytime soon, I will be incorporating more Greek inspired decor into my home!

Inspiration and images found here

While the Greek key dates back to ancient times, its use here looks modern and fresh with pops of green against an otherwise neutral color palette.

I think it’s tasteful and stunning!

And for the thrill seekers:

greek key rug

 Liz Caan design via The Zhush

The blue rug ties in with the yellow benches and artwork to create a decidedly bold look!  I kinda dig it.

This is the everyday china pattern I chose for my bridal registry.

Wedgewood Intaglio

Wedgewood Intaglio

How fabulous is that handle on the teacup? You should see the photo shoot of me with the matching gravy boat. It’s too cute (the gravy boat…) Some people pose with pets and loved ones, I pose with dinnerware.

And finally, to combine my love for the Greek key with my love for a good sale, check out this bikini!  I added this to my cart too many times to count.

If you feel like embracing your inner goddess, I suggest snapping one up!

Victoria's Secret Bandeau Top

Any fellow Greek key lovers out there? I am very curious to know how you incorporate the pattern into your home and wardrobe!

3 thoughts on “Keyed Up

  1. Love the Greek key so much, I think I’ll get a tattoo of it. Ok maybe not but I’ve always loved Greek-inspired stuff even before… well being close to Greeks 🙂

  2. Classical Greek style never looses its ability to stimulate the senses.

    Would love to see that bikini on both the girls in my life here in Aegina….here’s to thinking of you the lady olive and Sara here as I contemplate an Aegean blue marina to my left and comment with an iced coffee frappe in my right hand ! Cheers from the Greek isles from whence all style originates : )

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