Lazy Pants

Would I define myself as particularly bold or outrageous?

No. (And being a rebel in a past life doesn’t count).

I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs, and since that test doesn’t lie, I know for a fact that I am not as big of a risk taker as my Id would like for me to think. However, I have an obscene infatuation with crazy pants. I wear them everywhere, every chance I get. Hot pink, palazzo, floral, leopard, faux leather, coated denim–just to name a few. The cool thing about crazy pants is that you get to be pretty lazy about the rest of your outfit. Throw on a solid top of your choice to tone down the intensity of your lower half and I’d say you’re ready for just about any situation. Except for maybe an interview.

You don’t have to be crazy to wear crazy pants, but lazy? It works.

This set shows you how crazy pants are a great transitional piece and will easily take you from summer to fall with the addition of a blazer or scarf.

Crazy Pants

Shop this look: Earrings / BaubleBar (no longer available) These are awesome though, Top/ Anthro, Pants / Zara , Shoes / Zara , Necklace / J.Crew (On sale for $45!!)

It’s a crazy beautiful world (and it’s FRIDAY) so rock the pants!

3 thoughts on “Lazy Pants

  1. Rock on with your lazy/crazy pants ! Now I know why I LOVE my tie died yoga pants…they are CRAZY fun and comfy : )

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