Come on, boots!

If you are half as neurotic as me, then you also have a song on repeat in your head at any given moment of the day. The song plays over and over and over again, like a broken record. This hidden talent is not only incredibly obnoxious, but has the power to ruin what was once a perfectly good song. Most likely, it started out as one of your favorites. Any number of things can trigger the broken record effect. For example, the harmless thought, “mmm, sesame chicken sounds great for dinner, let’s order Chinese takeout” then you’re stuck singing Barenaked Ladies “One Week” in your head, for an entire week (oh, the irony.)

I have had my eyes peeled for some stylish yet affordable boots for fall, not too tall, not too flat (which has me singing Devil With The Blue Dress On: “She’s not too skinny, not too fat she’s a real humdinger and I like it like that.”)

Story of my life.

Which brings us to the boots. I  found 3 pairs with a moderate heel, wraparound buckle straps at 3 different price points.

These boots were made for walkin’

That’s just what they’ll do

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!

Boots for every budget
1. Jeffrey Campbell ($198) 2. Shoe Mint ($110) 3. Dollhouse ($50)

1. These Jeffrey Campbell France Suede Boots have exactly the look I am going for-chunky, casual and with a heel. I just feel better with a little bit of added height. I envision these with skinny jeans tucked in, dresses and even skirts!

2. The Emma boots from ShoeMint are the reason this hunt began.  ShoeMint is a great option for moderately priced shoes that look far more expensive.  I have had only good experiences with this company, and would recommend it to anyone! But, do I want to spent $110 on a pair of boots I may only like for a couple of years? Probably not, and I’m stingy.

3. Alloy has been around for years.  I remember getting the catalogs in middle school! I hadn’t thought much about Alloy until I recently saw it referenced on Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet.  I have since ordered a dress and sandals which I adore! I would absolutely recommend Alloy as a go-to place for trendy items that you would rather not spend half of your pay check on. These $50 Dollhouse Persuade Boots are begging for a new home!

Whether you’re a queen, princess or duchess, each pair of these boots is fit for a lady!

Do you have your eye on any particular boots for fall? Over the knee, perhaps? And more importantly, what is the  most annoying song you’ve ever had stuck in your head?

4 thoughts on “Come on, boots!

  1. My annoying song of the week is and Britney Spears…complete with Britney’s fake British accent. Don’t ask me why….I couldn’t tell you.

    1. Those are cute! Great for keeping your ankles nice and cool 🙂 I have never owned any Jeffrey Campbell boots but I might give it a shot! I have seen them on sale on Urban Outfitters online!

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