Party on Wheels

Let it be no surprise that I love a good party: the perfect chance to mingle, dance in public, wear something you could never pull off at work and eat yummy treats prepared by someone else (they always taste better.)

As much fun as wining and dining on someone else’s dime is, I actually prefer to host my own soirees.  Call me a glutton for punishment (I also enjoy Pure Barre aka Pure Torture), but I find few things as rewarding as tirelessly working to impress your friends.

Whether you’re hosting 4 people or 40 people, it is important to make your guests feel comfortable in your home.  One easy way to achieve this is with a cocktail. Shocking, I know. Instead of your guests awkwardly rummaging through your kitchen, why not have a fully stocked bar cart with all of the essentials? It’s convenient, functional, and, in case you haven’t seen the bar cart porn on Pinterest, can be quite the statement piece!

First Row: 1. French Bagues Vintage Bar Cart, 2. Greg Buzby 

Second Row: 3. Image via The Queen City Style 4. Image via Habitually Chic, 5. Greek Key Tray

1. This French Bagues Vintage Bar Cart was made in France in the 1940s, and for $2,220.00, it can be yours.  OR, check out your local antique mall or flea market, you may be surprised at what you find! This beauty came from The Sleepy Poet in Charlotte for under $200. I want to have a slumber party in that store!

Bar Cart

2.  I am in love with this Modern Glam gold leaf bar cart. What a stunner! I bet you could find something similar for less and give it a beautiful golden finish. It’s all about the look!

3. Lately, I’ve been drawn to more modern pieces, and I’m ready to hunt down this acrylic bar cart and roll it straight into my house. It’s a vision! Since it’s clear, it will reflect whatever colors you add to it. Talk about versatility!

4. You don’t have to have a cart to make a bar. This image from the amazing blog Habitually Chic is the perfect example of creating a bar out of any piece of furniture you already own. Now that’s cost-effective.

5. What bar cart would be complete without a tray to display your rocks glasses? This Greek key tray is simply perfect. And you know how I feel about the Greek key!

For your next gathering, think about creating a one stop cocktail shop. The people pleaser in you (and your guests) will sleep well that night!
And if you have any insider information on where to acquire that clear bar cart, I’m all ears!

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