Little Black Leather Dress

You probably know by now that I love fashion and most definitely consider shopping an excellent form of cardio. Something that I love just as almost as much as shopping for myself is doling out fashion advice! Sometimes my friends ask me for it, and sometimes I just give it out unsolicited. How annoying generous is that? I’m just looking out for you!

Here’s a question I received from one of my readers:

Dear Lady Olive,

I need your expert style advice. I tried this leather dress on today at BELK and LOVED it?  What do you think? I’m debating whether I can pull off the leather trend!

-Fear and Leather

The leather trend (real and faux alike) has been gaining momentum for a while and I don’t know about you but I…can’t…stop…(the Miley Cyrus jokes are getting old, so I won’t even go there.)

Sure, leather can be edgy and a little bit rock ‘n roll, but it can also be chic, elegant and classic!  It all depends on how you style it.

So, my short answer is:

YES YES, like an Herbal Essences commercial, YES you can pull off the leather trend.

Here I have selected three leather/faux leather dresses that are TAILORED and more FITTED than a typical shift dress. The fit of a leather dress is CRITICAL to how it flatters your body.

Little Black Leather Dress

Top to Bottom: Halogen/ BB Dakota/ Express

I would pair a leather or leather-look dress (I own the one pictured from Express) with dark grey polish, black or neutral shoes and a bold pink lip for a classic yet subtly edgy look.  I’d wear my hair in a high bun or in a  teased ponytail with a cat eye made with my favorite STILA liner! Maybe throw on some pearls for a little juxtaposition.

For my readers with curves: Don’t think that a loose dress will suddenly make you look like Audrey Hepburn. No. Audrey could pull off loose fits because of her petite frame and she was not exactly bootylicious. A womanly body is not only beautiful, but begs to be accentuated by curve hugging shapes, not hidden in a baggy shroud of fabric. Extreme bagginess is not your friend!

For my more athletic shaped readers: You can pretty much wear anything without having to use visual tricks aka fashion sorcery (and I’m jealous).  However, if you’re looking to add the illusion of a more feminine shape, the tailored cuts of these dresses nip in your waist, creating a more hourglass appearance.

So you see, it’s a win-win situation.

Fear not the leather trend. You may be surprised by how versatile this look really is!

Please email me with any style questions you might have! I would LOVE to help you create the perfect outfit for your body, budget and taste!

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