Stop and Smell the Soup

The past week was a complete whirlwind!  I was given the amazing opportunity to attend two splendid Charlotte Fashion Week events, kept up with my weekly ballet, tap and jazz classes, went to a beautiful out of state wedding, all in addition to my full-time job…it’s been a BOOM BOOM POW kind of week.  As my mom likes to say “it keeps me off the streets!”

Charlotte Fashion Week

Kenya, Akiel, Pam and Me (dress: old Silence + Noise / Urban Outfitters)

I loved getting to know these local bloggers at Charlotte Fashion Week!! 

Now I as much as I can go go go (and like to stay busy), I am one of those people who has to decompress and have some alone time. It’s like my body says, “ENOUGH you maniac!” Cooking is one of my favorite ways to relax and zone out. I like to blast some tunes and pretend I’m Ina Garten.  Although I’m pretty sure Ina is not listening to the same Pandora station as me…

Sometimes you need to take a moment to stop and smell the soup!

Sausage, chicken & white bean soup (makes 6 servings)


1lb Sweet Italian Sausage (I used Turkey sausage)

2 Medium chopped onions

6 Cloves minced garlic

3/4 of a rotisserie chicken (shredded)

2 Cans Cannellini beans (drained)

2 Cans petite diced tomatoes (with juice)

6 Cups baby spinach

Approx 5 cups chicken broth

1 Tbsp basil

1 Tbsp oregano



Remove sausage casings and sauté sausage in large pot over medium-low heat until cooked (Optional: Drain on paper towels to remove excess oil)

Add chopped onion and garlic to sausage

Sauté until onion is tender

Add drained beans, chicken broth, tomatoes, oregano and basil.

OPTION: I HIGHLY recommend that you take one can of the beans and pulse them a few times in a food processor.  It will  thicken the soup and add a lovely texture!

Cook uncovered for 10 minutes

Add the spinach

Then cover and simmer on low for about an hour

Serve with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese!

IMG_1054 IMG_1062 photo

This soup is DELICIOUS and so simple to make.  And the best part…it tastes even better the next day. Based on my calculations it has approximately 30 grams of protein/serving!

I may have jumped the gun a little bit with this as it was almost 90 degrees in Charlotte today, but I could not resist. It’s quite comforting!


Especially if this was the theme of your Saturday night!

I think you will love it!

So, what do you listen to when you cook? I’m straddling a fine line between Buena Vista Social Club and Ciara “Goodies” (what can I say, my taste is eclectic…)


The Lady Olive

4 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Soup

  1. My son is a lucky man if TLO uses her culinary skills to chill ! I prefer reading Tolstoy, which does provide nourishment for anyone but myself : )

    1. Cooking can put me in a zen like trance! It’s kind of like Savasana! Haha, while I do love a good book, it takes a lot of patience and focus for me to read a book! I’m so weird.

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