Going Grunge

I don’t know about you guys, but I love any excuse to get dressed up! Maybe it is from years of sparkly dance costumes or the fact that my mother always made sure I was dressed in the finest hand-made butterfly costume out there, I was practically raised in a sea of glitter and makeup.  It is some kind of miracle that I didn’t turn into one of those people who tattoos their body to look like a fantastical creature. I honestly thought unicorns were real for longer than I believed in Santa Claus.

At any rate, I am a sucker for fairy tales and don’t get me started on The Wizard of Oz! Unfortunately, I will not be dressing up for Halloween for the third year in a row. HOWEVER, I will be attending the Pearl Jam concert on Halloween Eve and have decided to “go for the grunge”.

Some vintage Eddie Vedder shots

Raise your hand if you remember the show My So Called Life? Somehow this made it on my parents’ “OK for Stephanie to watch list” which also included Unsolved Mysteries and Are You Afraid of the Dark? At some point between juggling nightmares of being kidnapped and of a small, pale ghost child whispering “I’M COLD!!” I developed my first crush on Jordan Catalano played by Jared Leto.  I mean, come on…


The show was AMAZING, I can’t believe it only ran for two seasons from 1994-1995. This is precisely the time when Pearl Jam’s release of Vitalogy became the second fastest selling album in history (second only to the band’s 1993 release of Vs.), with more than 877,000 units sold in its first week  (source, Wikipedia, I did not actually know that…) My So Called Life was definitely my inspiration for these Pearl Jam themed sets I have created below.

I have all of these items in my closet, ok except for the fingerless gloves.  The contents of my closet sometimes surprise me. I have been known to create a very authentic pirate costume on the fly…

What to wear to a Pearl Jam concert

Details Here

What to wear to a Pearl Jam concert

Details Here

Help me decide what to wear tomorrow night! I promise to take a picture.

What are you going to be for Halloween?!

The Lady Olive

3 thoughts on “Going Grunge

  1. I absolutely love that you’ve already started picking out your outfit! Luckily for me, I never really progressed out of the 90s, so I don’t even have to think about it. 🙂 So excited!!

  2. Stephanie! Sorry I didn’t see that post, It was bad timing for me! What did you end up wearing? Would have voted for the 1st outfit or added over the knee socks to the 2nd! 😉

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