Currently Coveting: Leigh Viner


Hey guys! I hope you have had a great week! For today’s post, I thought I would share with you something that I am currently coveting-as in, head over heels, obsessed with.

Leigh Viner prints!!


If  someone told me 8 years ago that today I would be spending my hard-earned dollars on art and home decor, I am pretty sure I would have laughed in their face.  It’s not that I never appreciated art-trust me, far from it.  A little known fact about me is that I actually wanted to become an artist. I tried extra hard in art class and even took art camps during summer breaks. Despite my efforts, Picasso I am not, but I don’t totally suck. On that note, I also wanted to become a cashier at Harris Teeter or Stride Rite because I liked the sound the buttons made.

My parents always said I could be anything I wanted!

Any who- as it turns out, I am spending said dollars on art these days.

I initially discovered Leigh Viner’s art at my friend’s impeccably decorated apartment. I fell in love with this illustration at first sight:

Leigh Viner

I love the dainty sketch style mixed with bold yellows in her eye makeup and dress.

Immediately, I began to research. After perusing Leigh Viner’s Etsy shop for at least an hour, I added these to my cart and went on my merry way:

I cannot WAIT to receive these prints.  I plan to frame them and hang them side by side above my bar cart. I thought the colors really complemented each other. Leigh was also a pleasure to work with! Check out her blog here!

While scrolling through Etsy, I also discovered Marta Spendowska, the Polish artist behind these exquisite watercolor illustrations.  In her about me section, she says she paints beauty.

I had never given much thought about the beauty of an onion or fresh mint, but after seeing these prints…I will be much more appreciative of beauty in everyday things!

Perspective is everything.

One day, I would love to hang these prints from her food series in my kitchen!

Marta Spendowska

Until then, I may have to settle for this calendar. It truly beats the 365 Kittens a year calendar I used for many, many years.

Cue the crazy cat lady jokes…

Marta Spendowska

I am so happy to have stumbled on these two up and coming artists!

What type of art are you attracted to? Where are the unexpected places that you find beauty?


The Lady Olive

3 thoughts on “Currently Coveting: Leigh Viner

  1. Oh, LadyOlive! (I looked around for your name but could not spot it anywhere..)
    Thank you so SO much for such fantastic and warm words!

    When you’re saying : “I had never given much thought about the beauty of an onion or fresh mint, but after seeing these prints…I will be much more appreciative of beauty if everyday things!” — I’m melting.
    I hope you don’t mind if I post it on my Facebook ? Lef let me know, if it’s a problem, but I truly adore this sentence … On Fb, I’m here :

    Sending you much love!

    :: Marta

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