Cure your Denim Blues with Chip & Pepper

Unless you are a perfectly proportioned model (and even then I think length would be an issue…) it is incredibly difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans! For me, if the waist fits, the legs don’t fit. You have to make sure your butt looks good, do I need big pockets? Small pockets? Definitely not bedazzled pockets. That’s so 2005.  Although I do confess my envy for my friend with the highly coveted 7 For All Mankind Swarovski encrusted A pockets back in my college years.


The options when selecting denim can be overwhelming.  I am so excited to team up with the ladies  of Scoop Charlotte tonight at Belk at South Park mall with Chip and Pepper for the launch of their new line for Belk!

Chip and Pepper at Belk SouthPark

To find your perfect fit, you really need to understand your body type and let your denim flatter your shape instead of work against it! I found this post from Lauren Conrad to be extremely helpful!


Athletic/Rectangle: Women with narrow hips should look for denim that creates the illusion of curves. Boot cut fits the bill-the fit throughout the legs shows off Cameron’s amazing legs while the slight flare at the bottom adds a visual curve.


Pear: Women who are more narrow up top and carry their weight in their hips and thighs look great in a flare.  I love it when Kourtney wears hers! The wider flare at the bottom balances out a wider hip.  Make sure to keep it slim throughout the thigh and just above the knee. Adding a belt helps define the waist.


Apple: If you carry your weight around your middle and tend to be larger up top, try a skinny jean to show off your assets a la Liv Tyler and Reese Witherspoon. Do you see how Liv’s unbuttoned blouse create a vertical line of skin? I guarantee this was no accident. This vertical line helps elongate her upper body as apples tend to have shorter torsos and longer legs.

Curvy/Hourglass: Are you blessed up top and on the bottom? You better work.  Look for a mid-rise. You want them to hit just below your natural waist.  I like the way Salma wear these trouser style jeans. Similar to the flare, but slightly more relaxed throughout the knees.

Salma Hayek at 'The Late Show with David Letterman' in New York City

Plus: You will identify more with one of the above body types. Play around with different styles and fits to see what works best for you! I have heard really great things about CJ by Cookie Johnson. These “Life” bootcuts are a universally flattering shape and go up to size 16 (36 waist). Not Your Daughter’s Jeans is another great choice. These “Barbarba” stretch bootcuts go to size 24 and have really awesome reviews.  Stick with a dark wash.

That is just my two cents! I encourage you to shop for jeans until you drop. Try on pair after pair until you find the perfect fit.  It’s totally worth it to have jeans that make you look and feel great!

What cut of jeans make you feel your best?


The Lady Olive

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