Currently Coveting: Camel Coat

How’s that for alliteration?!

I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas yesterday and he said socks.  Socks, you say? Just socks? No, socks AND a Pearl Jam poster. Just further verification that men really are from Mars! Taking a note from his “Spartan” wish list, I got to thinking about a functional Christmas gift for myself.

What I need (kinda need) and have been coveting is a camel coat. I swaddle myself in so much black clothing I feel like a camel coat would be a breath of fresh air into my winter wardrobe.  Last year I received this Stadium Cloth cocoon coat in black from J.Crew for my birthday and I absolutely adore it. However, I am much better at spending other people’s money than my own and need a less expensive option.


I LOVE this coat. It’s beautiful, comfortable and goes with everything. Fortunately my size is sold out online so I don’t have to worry about any risky online shopping behavior after a glass or two of wine. But if it’s in your budget I highly recommend this coat–it comes in other colors and you can get it for 30% with code GIFTNOW!

Here are the best less expensive options I found:


Double Breasted Coat from Zara $180

Some sizes are sold out, but I love the rich caramel color.  It would flatter many skin tones.


The color is not quite right for me, but this is a very affordable and stylish option! I love the tie waist. Who has time for buttons anyway?

Merona $60


Might this Wool Coat with faux leather trim from Ann Taylor by my ticket? It’s 40% off with code HOLIDAY40!! With the help of my calculator that means it’s $167.00. Not bad!

Have you seen any camel colored coats for under $200? Please share your knowledge!

What’s the most functional item on your holiday wish list??

7 thoughts on “Currently Coveting: Camel Coat

  1. I tried that JCREW coat on in the store. Really gorgeous. The pockets are straight down v. side entry so it’s hard to get your hands in easily. Still totally gorgeous. JCREW also has the Stadium Cloth Trench on sale plus 30% off in camel and that is really warm and comfy too.

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