It’s January 17th and I’m trying to behave.


No, I haven’t completed the “Drynuary” I toyed with for about 45 seconds in my head (that is not drinking for the entire month of January), nor have I completed a juice cleanse (not really my thing), but I have made a conscious effort to eat more veggies, step up the workouts and cut the sugar just touch.  I mean, six weeks of homemade toffee, pies and crack bark are bound to catch up with you at some point. Two words: Damage Control.

Since no good deed goes unpunished, I have been a little more aggressive with the dessert pinning on Pinterest these days. Isn’t that how it works? With the holiday everyone loves to hate (Valentine’s Day) looming on the horizon, I am starting to think about what sweet treat to make!  I usually peruse Pinterest and various blogs (always reading the comments and reviews) before I make a commitment. This is serious stuff y’all!

Here are a couple of recipes from the web that are striking my fancy (and making my stomach growl).


Nutella & Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies from Once Upon a Recipe. Oh my gah. Rolos are a major flashback to my childhood. I loved those chocolate caramel candies and can only imagine how delicious these cookies are!


Bakers Royale is one of my favorite food blogs! Naomi’s recipes are a wonderful mix of decadent and savory. Not to mention her photography is gorgeous. This caramel rum banana bread pudding is right up my alley. Can you tell I have a thing for caramel? And rum, obviously.


via My Baking Addiction

Flourless Chocolate Cake. It really never gets old to me.  Vivace (a modern Italian restaurant in Charlotte and Raleigh) used to have the BEST flourless chocolate cake, but it was taken off the menu.  They would always pair it with a creatively flavored gelato.  My husband and I would eat there JUST to get that dessert. Bring it back Vivace!! Nigella also has a promising sounding recipe, but it does contain flour.



Have any of you fine folks ever made macarons? They are just so cute, I can barely stand it. They sound really complicated though.  Dare I even go there? This recipe from Annie’s Eats spells it out pretty thoroughly.

And these are a few of my favorite recipes if you’re looking for something tried and true. Making that cake is a marathon, not a sprint, just FYI. As in, don’t start to bake it at 9 pm when you have to get up for work the next morning at 7. But it.is.divine.

As for the pie, I add one TBSP of cornstarch to the batter to make a thicker pie, as this one tends to be a bit runny.

Deb’s Peanut Butter Choclate Cake / Southern Living Caramel-Chocolate Pecan Pie

Which treat would you make? When it comes to dessert personalities, are you of the chocoholic variety or do you like to keep things fruity and light?

I hope your weekend is filled with happiness and a treat or two!


The Lady Olive

3 thoughts on “Sweetspiration

  1. I have been dreaming about those cookies ever since I savoured the last one. They really are incredible, and basically impossible not to love. You should definitely give them a try, but maybe plan to give most of them away so you’re not tempted to eat the entire batch!

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