Tongue Tied and a Party Dress

Hello readers and friends! If you are reading this, thank you for continuing to check in with me on The Lady Olive. I know I haven’t been posting much at all lately and it bums me out. Amongst friends and family, I’m not known as much of a chatterbox, but I generally have a lot of thoughts and dialogue going on in my head. I find it easier to express myself through writing than through conversation. I’d much rather listen than ramble.

However, I don’t want to abandon my readers or my blog. What does this all boil down to? I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately. Don’t get me wrong, I continue to cook veggie and protein packed meals, tantalizing desserts, shop the latest trends, sale hunt like it’s my job, and try out new outfits. For example, I made burgers with Williams Sonoma Burger Seasoning (life changing), homemade guacamole,  grilled pineapple with a homemade caramel rum sauce and vanilla ice-cream last Friday night. We welcomed spring with open arms stomachs.

And by the same token, just because I haven’t been feeling inspired, doesn’t mean I have stopped seeking inspiration! And you know that few things inspire me more than outfit planning.

It’s that time of year when weddings, graduations,  bridal showers and parties galore fill our schedules. I have selected several great dress options for your daytime festivities. I also think any of these would be great for work!

anthropologie spice tree dress

LUST: Anthropologie Spice Tree Dress $298

The colors in this Anthropologie sheath dress are gorgeous. I love how the bright orangey red contrasts with the deep navy.

This dress avoids nautical territory with an exotic embroidered print.


MAYBE: Asos Quilted Floral Bardot Pencil Dress $104

This dress is so sassy! The colors scream spring and the cut is super feminine and flattering on many body types. Pair with a cardigan that hits at your natural waist  for work.


Topshop Grid Pattern Midi Dress



Ok-I am all over this dress. I tried it on at my local Nordstrom with a Topshop section and fell in love. This dress is so me. Black and white, form-fitting, and comfortable. CHECK CHECK CHECK. This thing feels like a nightgown. I love this chic and functional little black and white number! I like the idea of pairing it with a turquoise gemstone statement necklace to juxtapose its modern graphic feel.


I gravitate toward fitted sheath dresses with high necklines. I feel they accentuate my curves without showing too much skin. I used to be all about the low-cut numbers, but then I graduated from college.   Shake what your mama gave you, but leave something to the imagination! If I had a motto, I think that’d be it.


What dresses do you have your eye on for your spring soirees? Any tips for powering through bouts of dullness?


Thanks for sticking it out with me!
The Lady Olive

3 thoughts on “Tongue Tied and a Party Dress

  1. We love you TLO !!!
    A favorite saying a friend once shared when I was feeling uninspired…
    ” Just because you’re not painting…doesn’t mean you are not a painter.”
    Think about’s the valleys that give the peaks meaning : ) xoxo

  2. Seriously, Lea (above) is such a deep thinker and always profound. Just ordered the Williams Sonoma Burger Seasoning for my son in law Ryan. He loves to grill out – thanks so much for the idea. I LOVED having dinner with you and your precious hubby in Charlotte last week. I always knew that you hit the jackpot of families when you married him but also know that his family hit the jackpot with you! You are a beautiful young woman and I know you would look great in any of these dresses. I love the “shake what your mama gave you” and right now it looks like my mama gave me TOO much – its not great! Love to you and your hubby, Karen

    1. Karen & Lea-

      I love your thoughtful comments! You two are great role models 🙂 And Karen I think you look fabulous. I hope to be half as beautiful when I am your age!

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