One Kings Lane: Reflect Your Style

A friend of mine introduced me to One Kings Lane about a year ago. I was in awe of her awesome paintings and especially the paper maiche elephant head hanging on her wall. I had to know where they came from! After she told me they were from One Kings Lane, I immediately signed up. It is through this site that I discovered artists Leigh Viner and Marta Spendowska!

When One Kings Lane reached out to me to ask if I’d like to participate in their Reflect Your Style Campaign, I jumped at the opportunity! What an honor! I was given a selection of mirrors to choose from as a base to design my dream vanity. I had so much fun with this project that I designed two dream vanities, for varying moods I suppose!


Clockwise from left:

Vevey Oversized Mirror

Lenoir Oversized Mirror

Pinesdale Mirror

Sardis Baroque

Lune Mirror

Villa Mirror

One Kings Lane, Reflect Your Style Campaign, The Lady Olive

I am really into white and neutral home furnishings so I decided to go that route for my first creation. I was instantly drawn to the Vevey mirror and chose a more delicate vanity to balance out its bold frame. I thought this dramatic and girly chandelier would complement the look. For the wall, I liked the idea of a sketch and thought this one by Jylian Gustlin was gorgeous. I added a hide rug to for a hint of masculinity. Store jewelry or hairpins in these dainty glass keepsake boxes and spritz on Tom Ford scent-Santal Blush.  It’s one of my favorites. These hydrangeas  are the finishing touch.

One Kings Lane, Reflect Your Style, The Lady Olive

For a bolder vanity, I was really drawn to this emerald console. As much as I loved the Vevey, I  needed a more subtle mirror for this look. I chose the Villa mirror and picked out this beautiful Quintana arm chair. I liked the idea of mixing pattens, so I selected this striped rug as a contrast with the geometric pattern in the desk. To tie in our pop of color, I chose this cheerful Michelle Armas painting. I loved how it complemented the desk and added additional color accents. For lighting, I thought this simple mirror could handle some sconces that were a bit more ornate. What better way to get ready than with the intoxicating scent of Diptique’s Santal candle-you can smell it even when it’s not lit! Store jewelry in a functional and funky skin tray. This vanity is fun, airy and would set the tone for a wonderful day!

I am not a morning person, but with either of these dream vanities, I can only imagine I’d be a little more excited to get ready in the morning!

Which style would you choose?

Thanks, One Kings Lane for asking me to participate in this campaign! There are so many ways you can use mirrors in your home-check out some great ideas here!

It’s easy to sign up! Click here to get started!

Reflect Your Style Campain, One Kings Lane, The Lady Olive



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