Cat’s Out

Not that it was ever a secret, but I’m about to let the cat out of the bag… I haven’t had a vacation day since one day in September and this has been powering me through the daily grind! DUN DUN DUN I am going to Greece (for the first time in my life, despite… Continue reading Cat’s Out

Mint, Red and Army Green

A couple weeks ago I posted about my infatuation with finding the perfect pair of army green pants.  Dear friends I am so happy to tell you that I found them. I have already worn these Joie beauties 4 times.  I had a gift card to Neiman Marcus so I was able to score these… Continue reading Mint, Red and Army Green

Charlotte Style Night Out

How is it already Tuesday?! The weeks are flying and show no signs of slowing. No complaints from this Lady! Last Thursday was no ordinary Thursday for me. I attended the fourth annual Style Night Out, a fashion show created and produced by the brilliant Effie Loukas featuring local boutiques and benefitting Carolina Breast Friends.… Continue reading Charlotte Style Night Out