Turtlenecks and Leopard: Part Two

I consider myself to be a sale stalker. I regularly try on clothes that I see and like, figure out my exact size (it varies from store to store and fit is key), and patiently wait. Patiently wait for that item to go on sale OR wait for an offer code, surprise sale or other… Continue reading Turtlenecks and Leopard: Part Two

Comfort First

The alarm goes off, press snooze, alarm goes off again, press snooze again, alarm goes off one last time and you better get up because you’re already late. I know it’s not just me (it can’t be). OK I’M AWAKE. But what do I wear with no time to spare?! One of the easiest ways… Continue reading Comfort First

Trendy Tuesday

The only thing that gets me as giddy as the promise of a delicious meal is shopping. I love to shop and I blame my mother entirely. It helps with the denial. Plaid was huge on the runway this fall. ┬áIt was never out of style in my mind, but I am super thrilled that… Continue reading Trendy Tuesday