Stop and Smell the Soup

The past week was a complete whirlwind!  I was given the amazing opportunity to attend two splendid Charlotte Fashion Week events, kept up with my weekly ballet, tap and jazz classes, went to a beautiful out of state wedding, all in addition to my full-time job…it’s been a BOOM BOOM POW kind of week.  As my… Continue reading Stop and Smell the Soup

Charlotte Fashion Week-Bridal Fashion Show

I grew up dancing competitively and I’ve performed (and fallen) on stage too many times to count.  You’d think I’d have this whole crowd thing down to a science, but man, I get nervous every time! Those little butterflies are pretty effective though! They keep you on your toes if nothing else. I am so… Continue reading Charlotte Fashion Week-Bridal Fashion Show


Just a reminder that I will be blogging live this evening from The Mint Museum uptown for Charlotte Fashion Week’s Bridal Evening!  I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope you will join me! I will be using CoveritLive, a web-based live blogging tool which allows me to stream live posts so you can… Continue reading #CLTFashionWK