Charlotte Fashion Week-Bridal Fashion Show

I grew up dancing competitively and I’ve performed (and fallen) on stage too many times to count.  You’d think I’d have this whole crowd thing down to a science, but man, I get nervous every time!

Those little butterflies are pretty effective though! They keep you on your toes if nothing else. I am so honored and EXCITED to be included as a blogger for this year’s Charlotte Fashion Week produced by Rita Miles and the Charlotte Seen team!

I apologize to those who checked in for my CoveritLive posts and found nothing here.  There was a change of plans and I went with it. Much like if you fall on stage you jump back up and pretend it never happened… (what fall? who? huh?)

Last night I attended the Alice in Wonderland inspired Bridal Evening at The Mint Museum uptown (while the butterflies never ceased to flutter.)  What an incredible experience! My first fashion show and first time playing paparazzi. I have to admit, it was a blast.

The attention to detail was exquisite! The table settings were like something out of a fairy tale!

A few snaps before the show:

Men at #CLTFashionWK Bridal Event

“Look as dapper as possible”

IMG_0846IMG_0853 IMG_1087

Hair by Tricia West


The lovely Ashley Sargent playing up the theme of the evening!

Let it be known that I have a LASH obsession.

I had my eye on her all night! Such a natural. Her braid is incredible.

Dresses by Krystyna’s Treasures, a locally owned vintage boutique!

Hair & Make up by Ravin & Shekofeh

These  Mad Hatter beauties were totally in character and I LOVED it!

IMG_1188 IMG_0902 IMG_0893

Gowns by Pixton Bridal. Made in the U.S.A.!

Hair Tricia West Makeup: Marissa Jade Willinsky


Great outfit!


Charlotte Fashion Week Bridal Event

Cheesing for the camera with Akiel

Don’t forget to check out these fabulous vendors!

Alice Andrews, The Event Host , The Kee Group, Vintage Charlotte 

Whew!! What an amazing night. Hats off to Charlotte Seen for producing a fantastic event! Putting on a fashion show is more work than I can even imagine!  The Mint was oozing with talent last night. I am so thankful to have been a part of Charlotte Fashion Week’s Bridal Event and to have met some really friendly and like-minded people! I’d say the show was great a success!

Thanks for stopping by!

-The Lady Olive

10 thoughts on “Charlotte Fashion Week-Bridal Fashion Show

  1. Stopping by from The Charlotte Social! This is so cool, I love the Alice in Wonderland theme! I wish I could have gone but I was out of town, maybe next year.

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