Untraditionally Modern

Hey friends! I hope you have all had a good week! I’ve been a busy bee and I am psyched for a weekend with minimal plans. Sometimes, I just have to veg.

Big Plans
Big Plans

It’s been a while, so let’s talk home decor, shall we?

As a general rule, I am attracted to bright colors, graphic prints and boldness altogether. Did you see my crazy pants post? There are few things as awesome as a pair of crazy LAZY pants. Lately however, on the home front, I have been drawn to crisp white simplicity.

Is this a quarter life crisis? Hey, it’s better than a crisis that involves Lamborghinis.

After reading Sara’s post at Wine and Blue, I had to stop myself from driving to Home Depot to pick up some fresh white paint.  I was ready to get to work! Impulsive home projects are never a great idea though unless you like the idea of a half painted living room. Not so much.

Our condo is a lovely shade of industrial grey (putty?) and I think white would be the perfect pick-me-up for our small contemporary space. What started as a seemingly innocuous desire to paint sent me into a tailspin, spiraling out of control!  If my thoughts could talk, you would tell them to take a chill pill.  Somewhere in the tornado of home renovation plans, I got stuck on the idea of a chandelier. We really need a chandelier over our dining room table. Candlelight is romantic and all but  it would be great to see the food we’re eating. This must happen! I have selected some chandeliers to complement a small, modern space, without being overly modern. I like to mix modern with more traditional styles.  Done correctly, it’s an elegant look!

Cottage and Bungalow Chandelier

I am so attracted to this unique chandelier with it’s white winding branches. Modern with a medieval vibe.

ornate crystal chandelier

Can this be my kitchen? A touch rustic, but so charming! How do you feel about this crystal chandelier?

However, I do not care for the stick wreath on the wall.

Restoration hardware chandelier

This 1920s Essex Crystal Rod chandelier from Restoration Hardware definitely more modern, but still warm and inviting.

I never thought I would be so into crystal (insert Breaking Bad reference here)

Some beautiful wrought iron looks

And now for the Big Bag VooDoo Daddy:

MMR Interiors

I admire everything about this space by designer Melissa Miles Rusty.  Architectural Digest named her in their Ones to Watch 2013!

Southern style with a modern touch is her signature look. Kind of like me, right?!

So many chandeliers, so little time. Which one of these screams Lady Olive to you?

Thank you for reading! Your comments make me giddy.


The Lady Olive

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