300 Calorie Mango Power Smoothie

Rise and shine!

I don’t typically post on Saturdays but thought I would give it a whirl.  After all, you should have more free time on the weekend to read blogs, right, right?? 😉

I am pleased to report that the snow has melted and it’s supposed to reach 66 today! Do not put it past me to soak up a couple of rays. My skin hates the winter and I need some major help with these winter weather breakouts.  Despite the intense southern humidity we have here, my skin does so much better in the summer!

This warmer weather has me craving smoothies for breakfast.  I drink them in the winter too because I love them, but holding a frozen beverage with gloves as you walk into the office is slightly uncomfortable.

I thought I would share one of my favorite smoothie concoctions that I have been drinking regularly breakfast.

Eat breakfast people!  It’s good for you.

Mango Power Smoothie (makes 1 large smoothie)


1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2  cup frozen mango

1/3 frozen banana

1 Tsp chia seeds

1 Date

Large handful spinach

1 scoop About Time Birthday Cake Protein Powder

4-5 ice cubs

Stevia drops (optional)


The liquid always goes at the bottom of your blender. It helps things blend more easily.  I use 1 cup of almond milk, sometimes I need an extra splash.

The Chia seeds add healthy fats and fiber and help thicken the smoothie.  If you put Chia seeds in liquid they form a gel!

Feel free to go hog wild with the spinach. You really can’t taste it.  It’s like a drinkable side salad.

About the protein powder–I have tried several different kinds (I am big on protein and need it to feel full) and About Time is by far my favorite.  It’s lactose and gluten free, has no artificial sweeteners or flavors! That is hard to find in a protein powder. I order mine from Amazon.

Don’t forget the banana! I forgot to take a picture. You might think 1/3 of a banana is not a lot, but here I am using it for creaminess instead of actual banana flavor. Feel free to add more for a stronger banana flavor.


I seriously love dates. This little guy increases the fiber and acts as a natural sweetener.  It also adds the slightest chewy texture that you have to try.


Please excuse the chipped Lindsay Lohan manicure.  These Stevia drops pack a big punch. I use them whenever I want a little dose of sweetness without the calories.

Pour it up pour it up!


SO gloriously thick.


You can see the little tiny bits of ground Chia seed and the blended dates.

Annnd, it’s only 300 protein packed, fiber-filled calories, to fuel your day!

It is truly a power smoothie!


The Lady Olive

2 thoughts on “300 Calorie Mango Power Smoothie

  1. Excellent contents…I often use pasteurized egg whites as a protein substitute in smoothies. They pack a protein punch with minimal calories. You can’t taste them and they add substance and texture when whipped up with your other yummy ingredients !

  2. I LOVE mango and will be trying this ASAP. I’m headed to the Queen City early April and need to lose some weight so I don’t freak out St. Lea. Thanks for the tips!

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