Mint, Red and Army Green

A couple weeks ago I posted about my infatuation with finding the perfect pair of army green pants.  Dear friends I am so happy to tell you that I found them.

I have already worn these Joie beauties 4 times.  I had a gift card to Neiman Marcus so I was able to score these for quite a discount.  I can’t recommend them enough. Fitted yet stretchy and surprisingly comfortable.  I did a “comfort test” with these and the Pilcro ones from Anthropologie and these won hands down. You can find them on Revolve for $88 in a size 30 or on Zappos for a slight discount.

These are more green in person, tighter at the ankle and the pockets don’t stick out as much (i.e., normal legs fill out the jeans a little better, in my opinion) NMT6XCA_mx I am endlessly surprised at how many colors pair well with army green. I wore these flats from Nine West with my green jeans to peruse the racks at Marshall’s over the weekend.  One of my favorite things to do! Really!

PG.TWOPIECEL1.JJE74D5.PZCurrently on sale for $29.99!

I received so many compliments on these shoes and they are very comfortable.  Thirty bucks for a pair of suede, comfortable AND stylish shoes is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

At Marshall’s, I tried on (and ended up purchasing) a minty aqua hued cotton dolman sleeved Joie shirt and put it on with my green pants and shoes and was really quite stunned at how much I loved the color combination. I was sold!

It’s always good to try on colors and clothes you wouldn’t normally wear or pair together. I can’t wait to rock this color combo this spring! It’s so fresh , bright and fun.

Mint to Be?

You might notice that I post pictures of interiors, flowers, etc. when relating to a fashion post.  I try to find inspiration in all my surroundings!

What do you guys think about this color combination?

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