Cat’s Out

Not that it was ever a secret, but I’m about to let the cat out of the bag…

I haven’t had a vacation day since one day in September and this has been powering me through the daily grind!


I am going to Greece (for the first time in my life, despite being Greek) in just a few weeks to watch Sara from Wine and Blue say I do to my brother-in-law!

I was lucky enough to study abroad for a semester in college but I have not been to Europe since 2006!  And this is a crime for someone who after a night of discoteca drinking (well, that could have been any night) shouted “I’m done with the United States!” Ah how reality tends to sink in.

I’ve been trying to save up as much as I can for the trip.  I was thinking as a souvenir I would buy a pair of the Ancient Greek sandals when I’m in Athens, or at least some that look like this:



Iphigenia Sandal



I am such a planner and already have most of the trip planned out to the T. I think I would really enjoy being  a travel agent as I get so much satisfaction out of researching hotels, restaurants, traveler tips and reviews. I like to have a decent grasp of the place I am traveling to before I am even there. Especially when your trips are short, it helps you make the most of your time! You can expect a lot of pictures when I return! I review everything when I have the chance. If you’re ever curious, you can follow me on Yelp and Trip Advisor!

Annnnyyway, I thought I’d share a couple of swimwear looks that I have created to hopefully inspire you summer travel planning!



Safari Meets Oasis
Crossbody Bag Brahmin / Bikini Billabong / Sandals Dolce Vita

Prep Meets Beach
Earrings Kate Spade/ OPI Nail Laquer in Cajun Shrimp / Sunglasses Ray Ban / Bikini Vix / Towel Lands’ End

From time to time I like to rock a preppy look, but my style generally gets a bit more tropical/ethnic as the temperatures go up and as my tan develops.  What is your signature summer look?

The Lady Olive

8 thoughts on “Cat’s Out

  1. TLO : I’m hoping after you see an Aegina sunset…
    you’ll be shouting ” I’m done with Charlotte ! ” : ) : ) : )
    Can’t wait to share it with you !!!

  2. My husband would be thrilled if I were as diligent as you about travel planning. My plan basically consist of following him around. I’m a lazy planner and am content to do what ever he schedules.

    I’m so excited that you will get to see Aegina for the first time! One of the best trips of my lifetime was exploring Greece with your sweet mother in law. From Uncle Pete’s to the village where Lea’s mother grew up, to Sparta and the Athens and with my own personal tour guide Lea! I’m super thrilled that John Paul is finally taking a week off! I’m hoping HE will enjoy every minute of it as well. He deserves it! Best wishes to James Michael and Sarah. I’ll be there in spirit! Oh, and my signature summer look is mostly inside with A/C 🙂 or if buy a pool…..a really pretty COVER UP!!!

    “The Goddess of Comfort” -(GOC for short!) The name Lea gave me in Greece, and it is unfortunately so true!

  3. I am so envious but I know you will have the best time ever!! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip and how you will share it on here with authentic Greek recipes!!!

  4. How exciting!!!!!! Greece is high up on my dream destination list. I’m also dying for a pair of Ancient Greek sandals!

  5. Cant wait for you to experience it!! It will make you so proud of your heritage. and…eh….. ‘take a coffee’ many time with old man walking with worry beads behind their back or fighting over a backgammon game. Maybe a fun greek coin ring for a sister souvenir? Just putting it out there. 🙂

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