Back to Reality

I spent the long weekend in Seabrook Island, SC with my husband.  The weather was perfect, the drinks were flowing and the food, oh, the food. If you are ever in the Seabrook or Kiawah area, I can’t recommend The Fat Hen on John’s Island enough.  It was so incredible, I forgot to take pictures. What kind… Continue reading Back to Reality

Summer, I’ll miss you!

Whether you spend the weekend moving or are off to explore new lands, I hope you take some time to relax and enjoy these last precious moments of summer. The sun sits lower and shines less brightly, but is all the more magical. Take a minute to breathe it all in and sip this summer’s… Continue reading Summer, I’ll miss you!

Come on, boots!

If you are half as neurotic as me, then you also have a song on repeat in your head at any given moment of the day. The song plays over and over and over again, like a broken record. This hidden talent is not only incredibly obnoxious, but has the power to ruin what was… Continue reading Come on, boots!