Party on Wheels

Let it be no surprise that I love a good party: the perfect chance to mingle, dance in public, wear something you could never pull off at work and eat yummy treats prepared by someone else (they always taste better.) As much fun as wining and dining on someone else’s dime is, I actually prefer… Continue reading Party on Wheels

Comfort First

The alarm goes off, press snooze, alarm goes off again, press snooze again, alarm goes off one last time and you better get up because you’re already late. I know it’s not just me (it can’t be). OK I’M AWAKE. But what do I wear with no time to spare?! One of the easiest ways… Continue reading Comfort First

Vegetable Magic

You know the old saying, “A Bloody Mary a day keeps the doctor away”…. AS IF! Fear not, for I have a solution to incorporate more vegetables into your diet without raising your BAC. My favorite way to eat vegetables is to roast them. Crunchy and bland transforms into smoky and savory with a little… Continue reading Vegetable Magic